To Match, or Not To Match?


Ever wondered how to effectively match accessories? It’s not rocket science – most of the act of matching is keeping true to your personal style and personality. However, some of us do get confused on when and how to match, especially when there are so many choices of accessories on the market with very little differences between them. There is a labyrinth of consumer goods out there, and we’re here to help you navigate it!

Here is a quick guide you can follow in order to keep a standardised approach to how you can match your accessories. However, don’t forget to add your little twist on it, or hey, just throw all rules out the window and do your own thing! In the famous words of Ru Paul, Shantay you slay!


Playing with colours.

Ah yes, there are many ways to play with colours. You could go monochromatic, use shades of basic neutrals, or for the adventurous, colour block with primary colours. The important thing about colours is that you understand HOW to match the different colours. Below, we have a colour wheel provided by (head to the link for a refreshment course on colour theory).

Colour Wheel.jpg


Colours that lie side by side on the wheel are analogous to each other, meaning that they work very well together when they are matched on the same level of lightness or darkness. The colours that sit opposite one another are called contrasting colours. Contrasting colours are a great way to experiment with colour blocking, however, try to avoid using more than 3 colours in your entire outfit!


Different styles for different occasions.

Your clothing ensemble can look very different depending on the type of accessories you choose to pair with it. Here is a basic guideline on how one could dress for different occasions:

Classic, Day-to-Day City Chic: Pearl- or diamond-stud earrings (might we suggest XOXO or In the Clouds earrings), silk scarf, leather clutch and pumps.

Glamorous, Night Out: Chandelier earrings, bib necklace, large cocktail ring, crystal-embellished clutch and stilettos.

Playful, Weekend Chill: Chunky jewellery (try Hearts in the Wild, Baby’s Breath or Flower Power necklaces), hobo bag, a hand-tied scarf headband, skinny belt and colourful ballet flats.

Edgy and Punk: Thick cuff bracelet, choker necklace, studded handbag and black leather booties.

On-The-Go, Business Day: Delicate necklace (Dots and Stripes, Alpha or Aurora necklaces), classic watch, large satchel or shoulder bag and kitten heels.

Styling is often a matter of trial and error until you find out what works for you. Hiasan finds that these categories work for us but maybe not for you - don’t be afraid to try new styles and combinations, as you never know what you might end up liking!


Keep an eye on that scale!

No, we don’t mean a weighing scale. What we are referring to is the scale of your accessories. That’s right, the proportions of your accessories matter too!

When wearing outfits with a lot going on – ruffles, patterns, sequins, you name it – it is best to keep your accessories simple. Wear understated, clean accessories to keep the focus on your outfit. Too many clashing prints could be a unique merriment of quirky little details, but also utterly catastrophic! To go down a safer route: be aware of what is the focal point of your outfit and subdue everything else!

Otherwise, opt for matching sets of accessories and that way, the scale of your accessories is automatically kept in check and your style is continuous – all while reducing the effort required in planning your outfit! Try on these delicate and versatile jewellery sets we have here on Hiasan Design (sold separately):

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