Summer Chic: What Jewellery Can You Wear In The Water?

So it’s summer and you’re a frequent appearance at the local beach and the pool. At some point, especially as a jewellery addict, you’ve been wondering how you could add a little bit of glamour to your outfit without thoroughly destroying all your jewellery pieces. No fret, because Hiasan has prepared for you a little guide on what to wear and what not to wear in the water this summer.

The formation of our favourite gems, #geekingout.

They are so pretty…but where do they come from? In this blog post, Hiasan #geeksout and briefly explains how our favourite gems: turquoise, peridot and moonstone, are formed (and why they are our favourite gems in the first place). We turn to earth’s mighty processes for an explanation - so a gentle warning, some technical speech is in order!

To Match, or Not To Match?

Ever wondered how to effectively match accessories? It’s not rocket science – most of the act of matching is keeping true to your personal style and personality. However, some of us do get confused on when and how to match, especially when there are so many choices of accessories on the market with very little differences between them. There is a labyrinth of consumer goods out there, and we’re here to help you navigate it!

Gemstone Cuts – Which is your favourite?

We shoppers often chance upon many names of gemstone cuts that sometimes seem unfamiliar to us: Asscher, Cabochon, Princess… what do these names mean exactly? Well look no further - Hiasan’s got your back! Read this quick guide on gemstone cuts and how they look like, so you can walk into that jewellery store like a real boss.

Learn About Your Gems.

What are there? Where did they come from? What are they known for? Hiasan believes it is so important to learn about your gems and their origins. This is a quick snippet from us to you, but stay tuned for an upcoming article about our gems and their cuts and designs!