About Our Shop


(Wear) east meets west

First established in Singapore in 2004, Hiasan Design is now a Nordic-based jewellery label operating from the small Northern city of Luleå, Sweden. Informed by years of exploration and different cultures, the label takes its inspiration from the bustling streets of Southeast Asian cities and the spectacular landscapes of the Arctic.

This East meets West philosophy is instilled into every piece Hiasan showcases, displaying individuality, thoughtfulness and elegance. In fact, “Hiasan” means embellishment in Indonesian, paying tribute to the label’s Javanese heritage.

Unparalleled Style

At Hiasan it is all about colour - and lots of it - worked into designs that are both playful and feminine. The label offers a diverse range of fine jewellery, lovingly crafted with sterling silver, gemstones and freshwater pearls. Better still, each piece is limited in number, so you can be sure that your piece is truly, and exclusively, yours.

Hiasan Design aims to empower women through accessible, everyday elegance, without breaking the bank. Come and celebrate your strength and femininity with us.

- As published in Norwegian Airlines’ in-flight magazine, October 2018.